Works replica yoke top nut.
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Price: £ 195.00
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 Exquisite replica of the stem top nut damper seen on the Honda works racers of the '60's. NOTE - this is a non-functioning item - It has no damping properties at all; none whatsoever. It is a replacement item for the standard, lifeless Honda stem top nut. It's sole function in life is to look damn good and it does this very well indeed. Fully rotating adjuster knob (6081 aluminium) pivots smoothly on the beautifully detailed stem top nut (303 stainless steel). 18 clicks for a full rotation of the damper knob, each one a sharp, crisp 'click' as the sprung loaded ball engages in it's detent. Mechanical sophistication of the simplest kind.
Three types of nut available:
  • Ceriani yoke fitment (the long nut shown on the left in the side shot of 3)
  • CB72 fitment (the centre nut shown in the side shot of 3)
  • Plain nut fitment (shown on the right in the side shot of 3)
Eminently suited for Dream 50 or CB72 but would also look really sweet on a retro 400/4 as well.
These items are made to order so there is a lead in time of approximately 3-4 weeks and you will have to know the dimensions of your steering stem thread before work can begin. (from memory - Dream 50 (22mm), 400/4 (24mm) and CB72 (26mm). Email or call to get the details sorted and then order.