Tarozzi adjustable clipons, semi high
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 Adjustable clipons, semi high, by Paolo Tarozzi of Bologna. Alloy stanchion clamp and chromed steel 22mm handlebar. 'Bridging piece' raises the axis of the handlebar by approximately 32mm compared to the Tarozzi race type clipons. Infinitely adjustable in all planes means that if you can't get comfortable with the fitted you must be built like Quasimodo's little brother.
NOW, only from Discovolantemoto,
made to measure stanchion clamps - whatever the size between 27mm and 54mm!

TRITON builders & other users of Norton Roadholder forks -  you've had limitations with clipons because of your 34.50mm diameter stanchions. No more! BMW owners (wow, you lot have some really weird sizes!) 31.90mm, 38.50mm, 41.65mm & 44.90mm (& more!). Laverda @ 41.65mm, pfft, No problem!
and so on and so on.

  1. In the drop down box "SIZE" select either 27>46 OR 47>54 depending on the size range you require.
  2. In the text box "CUSTOM SIZE" provide the size, in millimeters, of your fork stanchions/tubes. Enter this as four numbers separated by a decimal point. For example 31.20
  3. These items are NOT available from stock. They are custom made to YOUR specifications at the factory in Italy. You should reasonably expect to wait 4-6weeks to have them made.