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Sprocket lock tool
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 To hold the sprocket REALLY well while you tighten up the retaining nut on your roundcase or squarecase bevel Ducati. Lock pins on both sides mean it may be used on 15 or 16 tooth gearbox sprockets. It is ESSENTIAL that the sprocket locknut is tightened to specification; too loose and you risk the nut coming loose (with associated oil leaks) with all the trauma that THAT entails.
Made in England by one of the Worlds leading bevel restoration & repair specialists. Quality tools that, used responsibly, will last you a lifetime.
For every correct way to accomplish a task, there will be a dozen ways a bodger could do it cheaper. Use the correct tools for the job and the chances of having an unpredictable event occuring are very, very slim to non-existant. But if you (or your engineer mate) bodges it and it goes wrong just how much will it eventually cost you? With parts harder to obtain and ever more expensive to buy, having one of these tools in your armoury will certainly pay dividends. Tools to trust - an investment for the future
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