Replica KLG spark plug caps & HT lead.
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Price: £ 60.00
(Inc VAT £72.00)
Replica KLG spark plug caps and red, cotton braided 7mm HT lead. Original equipment on the early bevel twin Ducati 750GT and 750 SPORT. Plug caps supplied complete with securing band and spring clip hook, replace Ducati original #0755.46.510.   HT lead is supplied in 1 piece, 1 meter long and is enough to cut to original lengths as specified in the illustrated parts list. Replaces Ducati original HT leads #0755.46.500 (600mm, horizontal cylinder) and #0755.46.550 (380mm, vertical cylinder).
Sale is for 2 plug caps and 1 meter of red braided HT lead.

Image of ORIGINAL factory fitment HT lead courtesy of Mr Steve Craven, AUSTRALIA.