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Race clipons, Endurance pattern - 'SUZUKA'.
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Replicas of the clipons used by the mighty RS1000 works Honda endurance racers.
Endurance style 35mm clipons with 22mm bars. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium throughout for optimal strength and lightness. Black anodised finish with stainless steel fasteners. Delrin plastic end bungs.
Developed for the Classic race machine utilising 35mm fork stanchions. Having an 'off' is bad enough; but to have one where the clipons may be damaged and distorted can sometimes mean the end of racing for the day if not for the weekend!
Choose your preferred option:
1. Get the toolbox out then get to work - set up the hardware to support the machine and then drop the front wheel then undo the front mudguard (and fork brace?) then slide the fork leg out of the way and finally(!) slide the clipon off and out of the way (once you've slackened the control fastenings of course!). Then reassemble in reverse order making sure everything is snugged down to the correct torque and using the correct grade Loctite. You'll rush to do it for yourself but you'll check it twice if you are sending your own son out on the same machine. All in the time available between races or practices. They will delay things for you if you're not done in time won't they? Conservative estimate of the time required to undertake the job with diligent attention to detail - 60 minutes.

2.Slacken the control fastenings (twistgrip/ clutch or brake lever). Remove the 2 M6 clamping bolts. Replace the damaged 'SUZUKA' pattern clipon. Refit & tighten the control fastenings. Conservative estimate etc etc - 5 minutes. Check everything, twice. 8 minutes, tops. Sit back, enjoy a refreshing brew and watch others suffer the stress of paddock repairs.
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