Handlebar switch, left hand
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Price: £ 70.00
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Multi function handlebar switch, left hand. Made by in Italy by Tommaselli/ Domino Group. Fits 22mm/ 7/8" handlebars. Supplied complete with sub-loom 50cm long fitted with 9-pin connector block (male). Wiring diagram available on request.

  • Lights - off/ side/ main
  • Beam - dipped/ full
  • Indicators
  • Horn
  • Flash/ pass
NOTE The switch assembly is located by a protruding locating pin which requires a matching hole in the handlebar. Fixing the switch in position is a function of the locating pin, NOT the switch clamping screws. It is possible to remove & discard the pin but then the switch is entirely dependant on the clamping screws to hold it in  the preferred position.