Fork brace - custom design
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Price: £ 100.00
(Inc VAT £120.00)
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No listing for your machine in the Tarozzi fork brace catalogue? Still yearn for one though? Fret no more! Custom design fork braces from Tarozzi for barely more than the price of a production line variant!
Select the correct form (from the 4 available) that suits your own particular needs. Complete the detail as required and get a copy of that form back to me. Call or email if you need to talk things through and get the detail correct. You'll generally have a decision as to whether it's physically possible to produce that fork brace within 5 days. If it is possible, then you will receive a 7 digit order number from me; enter this number in the text box when you make your purchase then sit back and wait for your custom made Tarozzi fork brace to appear on your doorstep.
Made to meet YOUR specifications so obviously not available off the shelf but generally available within 1 month of the order being accepted for production by the factory.