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Disc carriers, magnesium.
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 Superb quality die cast disc carriers. Exact replicas of the originals. Ultimate bolt on weight-loss programme! Save 0.3kg with these parts alone; another 0.1 kg if you use an alloy bearing spacer instead of the steel one and ANOTHER 0.1kg by just using 2 through bolts with 2 M10 x 20mm securing bolts per side.
Lighter bikes are quicker bikes and if the weight can be removed from the unsprung parts then the handling gains are really magnified. Racer lore has it that the loss of 1kg from the unsprung weight is equivalent to 4 or 5 kg loss from the rest of the bike.
Suitable for all disc braked bevel Ducatis, V twins AND singles.
Made from AZ91D magnesium.
Sold as a pair.
Limited availability.
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