Borrani Record wheel rim, 1.85"(WM2)x19x40. "4403"
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New production wheel rim from Borrani of Milan. 1.85"(WM2) 19" diameter, 40 spoke. Marked as 4403, being the rims fitted to the iconic Ducati Roundcase 750cc V twin - the 750GT and 750SPORT. Drilled, ready to fit. Borrani flanged aluminium alloy rims were THE fitment of all GT's until the second production series of '74. SPORT front rim fitment remained identical to the GT.
For many years now these rims have been unavailable - Borrani concentrated on their profitable car rims production. However, continued pressure to begin production of their whole range and a change of heart by the management means that these (previously ultra rare & ultra expensive) rims are available to the Worldwide market once more. No need now for "Replica Borrani" or "Borrani pattern" or inferior quality Morad/ Akront lookalikes now that the real thing is available once more. Made in Italy.