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BORRANI Record wheel rim, 2.15(WM3)x18x40, '4777'
£ 235.12(Inc VAT £282.14)
New production wheel rim from Borrani of Milan. 2.15"(WM3) 18" diameter, 40 spoke. Marked as 4777, being the rims fitted to the iconic Ducati Roundcase 750cc V twin - the 750SS. Drilled, ready to fit.
For many years now these rims have been unavailable - Borrani concentrated on their profitable car rims production. However, continued pressure to begin production of their whole range and a change of heart by the management means that these (previously ultra rare & ultra expensive) rims are available to the Worldwide market once more. No need now for "Replica Borrani" or "Borrani pattern" or inferior quality Morad/ Akront lookalikes now that the real thing is available once more. Made in Italy.
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