750 Roundcase, oil pump intake kit.
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Price: £ 90.00
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To fit the Ducati 750 roundcase, all variants - GT, Sport and SS. Improved oil pump intake port kits. Made in England. Major improvements over the original standard Ducati configuration to include:
  • Machined from aluminium alloy so will not harden or split as the original can.
  • The filter tube (black plastic) cannot fold over and block (partially or completely!) the oil pump inlet port.
  • Improved sealing between the plug and the crankcase.
  • Improved sealing between the gauze filter element spigot end and the plug.
  • No modifications required so the engine can be returned to standard configuration if required.
  • Upgrade can be achieved without stripping the engine.
NOTE!!!   The original gauze filter element was supplied in 2 sizes with either 12mm or 14mm end spigot. THIS kit will only accept the 12mm variant. IF you have a 12mm Ducati original then this kit will be a succesful match. HOWEVER, if you have a filter tube with a 14mm end spigot then this kit will not fit!
Customers who have upgraded to the superior metal bodied mesh filter variant
will have been supplied with BOTH sizes and so can fit this kit without further purchase being neccessary.