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Paolo & Franco Tarozzi, Pianoro, Bologna, Italy. Mr Tarozzi makes many fine things. Many, MANY fine things. In fact he makes so many that it is not commercially viable for me to have even one of everything in stock. But it is no big deal; the folk at Tarozzi are well used to International shipping to all their agents and it takes, on average, about 2 weeks to get the items from the factory into my store. 
For example; he makes 105 different types of rearsets, each with 4 variants. So that's 420, right, FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY different rearsets alone. Figure the cost, figure the space needed to store them safely. Add in 4 types of handlebar, each with 25 sizes; that is 100 boxes of clipons even with only 1 pair of each size and variant. (and I DO keep every size of clipon in stock, some at 1 pair but the more popular sizes I keep 5 pairs in stock). But that is not the end of it because Mr Tarozzi makes a lot more than clipons and rearsets! How about 828 different types of chrome fork stanchion at the moment but the catalogue increases on a monthly basis?
IF you want Tarozzi product and it is out of stock then this is what you should do: GLASS FIBRE PRODUCTS.
Giampaolo Succi of Rimini, Italy. Mr Succi makes so many fine glassfibre products for the Classic bike scene; for road or race use (Classic bike race grids are PACKED with people who use his products). All petrol tanks should be treated internally to ensure there is no chance of ethanol attack which may result in product degradation.
All petrol tanks are supplied complete with filler cap, petrol taps (petcocks) and restraining straps (if required). All fairings are supplied with clear screens, undrilled and unmounted. Note also that these items are  unfinished and unpainted and it is YOUR responsibility to sand, finish and paint these products to your own requirements. They are also undrilled and it is YOUR responsibility to undertake such drilling/ mounting of the products to enable them to be used safely.